St. Teresa of Avila - Westphalia

***check the bulletin for any mass time changes***

Mass Times Sat.
5:00 pm
Adoration Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Confession Sat. 4:30 pm - 4:55pm

Coming up at St. Teresa

Mar. 21 - No Mass
Mar. 22 - No Mass
                Adoration 9 AM - 9 PM
Mar. 23 - Stations of the Cross at 6:00 PM
Mar. 24 - Sat. Evening Mass at 5:00 PM (for Caroline Ludolph)
Mar. 24 - Faith, Family, Franzia at 7:00PM
Mar. 25 - Family Movie Afternoon at 1:00 PM
Mar. 27 - General Church Cleaning by A. S. at 6:00 PM
Mar. 29 - Adoration 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (evening only)
Mar. 30 - Good Friday Service at 3:00 PM
Apr. 01 - Easter Sunday Mass at 8:30 AM





Assignments for Mar. 24:

Servers: Guy Young, Jaden Teter, Gunner Ellington
Lector: Jeff True
Cantor: Gessica Tastove
Offertory: Doug & Debbie Davie
Eucharistic Ministers: LaDonna True, Irene Tastove, Marilyn Brooks
Ushers: Terry Schillig, Frank Tastove
Hospitality: Larry Dieker, Tom Dieker   Cookies: Circle 2
Children are to wear red for Palm Procession

Assignments for March 30 (Good Friday)

Servers: Cassie Bowen & Austin Teter
Lectors: Doug Dieker, Mick Blaufuss
Ushers: Cara Bowen, Paul Falke

Assignments for April 1 (Easter Sunday)

Servers: Riley Young, Avery Blaufuss, Eli Ervin
Lector: Bill Pracht
Cantor: Evelyn Ervin
Offertory: Doug & Donna Dieker
Eucharisitic Ministers: Al Ludolph, Mary A. Morgan, Larry Dieker
Ushers: Paul Falke, Wilma Setter



 March Church Cleaners: Mary Ann Morgan, Alice Nolan, Wilma Setter, Donna K. Dieker
March Church Laundry: Jean Frank





Congratulations on New Arrival

Congratulations to Brian and Mika Mader on the arrival of their daughter, Charlotte Elyse Mader on March 15. To welcome her home are brothers Edward and August and sister RaeLyn. Donna Mader is her grandmother.

K. of C. Family Night

The Knights will have a family night for everyone on April 21 following 5:00 PM Mass. A free will donation meal will be provided and will be followed by Bingo and fellowship. Everyone is invited.

Family Movie Afternoon

The movie "The Star" will be shown in the church basement on March 25 at 1:00 PM. Please bring a snack, blankets or bean bags. Drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome so hope to you there.

Faith, Friendship and Franzia

Megan Drumm and Lindy Katzer will speak on overcoming obstacles and finding joy on Sat. Mar. 24 at 7 :00 PM in the church basement. Bring your friends as this event is open to everyone.

Church Bells are Ringing

It is good to hear the church bells ring again at St. Teresa Church.  They had been silent for several months, but have recently been repaired.These bells have called parishioners to worship since 1885 when Wendelin Highberger donated two bells to be used in the first church. The smallest bell weighs 800# and was christened in honor of Our Lady. It is inscribed "Ave Maria.  The second bell weighs 1500# and was christened in honor of St. John. It is inscribed in Latin "Omnia Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which means "All for the greater glory of God". Both bells bear the numbers 1885. The third bell and the largest was donated when the second church was completed in 1890 . It weighs 2750# and was christened to St. Jospeh.

Lenten Services at St Teresa

 Stations of the Cross will be held each Friday at 6:00 PM at St Teresa.


Religious Education News


CCD Classes are held after the 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday Evening. Thank You to all the teachers who  pass on our Catholic faith to the children. Teachers for the 2017-2018 school year are: Preschool-Kindergarten, Evelyn Ervin & Rachel Rockers; First Grade, Laurie Goracke & Marilyn Brooks; Second Grade, Crystal Moore & Rebecca Teter; Third & Fourth Grades, Mic & Jennifer Blaufuss; Jr. High & High School, Margie Tastove. 



Contacts for St. Teresa Church

News for Bulletin: Elaine Holloway or Crystal Moore. (620 363-0536 or 620 364 -3373)
Basement Rental: Wilma Setter (785 448-4988)
News for Website: Karen True (785 448-8693)
Religious Ed: Marilyn Brooks
Altar Society: Margie Tastove
Knights of Columbus: Kenton Ludolph
Cemetery: Karen True(785 448-8693)

Altar Society News

The Altar Society will have a general church cleaning for Easter on March 27 at 6:00 PM. All help is appreciated.

2018 Officers are Margie Tastove, President; Jean Wood, Vice President; Donna Mader, Secretary and Monica Rolf, Treasurer.

The A. S. Prayer Group - If anyone is in need of prayer please call or text 785 448-8693. The request will be passed on to members who will pray for that intention.

Please continue to save Best Choice labels for the Altar Society. They can be placed in the container in the entry of church.

In Need of Prayer

Please Remember in Prayer - Brenda Schulte, Kinsley Spletcher, Jim Nolan, Garrett McCoy, Marcella Skidmore, Sandy Kraus

Shut-In List

St. Teresa Shut-in List: (Check bulletin board at church for addresses)

Mary Frank

Bernie Pracht

John & Joan Hoefler


History of St. Teresa of Avila Parish

St. Teresa Church has been the center of spiritual life in Westphalia and surrounding community for 137 years.

In the spring of 1880, three brothers from Westphalia, Iowa (Emil, Anton and Carl Flushe) came to this area looking for a suitable location to establish a good home for German Catholics. Later that spring they returned with their families to settle in the new town of Westphalia.  The first Mass was celebrated at their home by a Carmelite priest from Scipio on April 13, 1880.Fourteen adults and several children attended the Mass. More families from Iowa arrived in June of that year.

In May of 1881, the parishioners built the first church, a 22x40 building . It was placed under the patronage of the great Spanish saint, St. Teresa of Avila and was dedicated on July 1881.  The building was used for both church services and parochial school which was taught by lay people. The first resident priest was appointed in 1883 and a rectory was built for him.

By 1888, the parish had outgrown the small church and it was decided to build a new Gothic style church.  The parishioners excavated the basement, quarried and hauled lime stone and sand and made their own bricks. When it was dedicated in April 1891, this magnificent church was rated as one of the most beautiful in the state of Kansas.

In 1965 the 75 year old church became structurally unsound and it was decided to replace it.  A new church was built on the same site. The statues from the old church were refurbished in bronze to match the style of the 60's. The 3 big bells that had been in the steeple of the old church were hung in a free standing tower. This allowed continuity between the old and the new. The present day church was dedicated on August 28, 1966.

Today there are approximately 75 families who worship at St. Teresa Church. May God continue to shower His blessings on them as He has the past 137 years.