Epiphany of Our Lord

King Herod is mentioned in the Gospel we have today as we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord. King Herod was constantly suspicious of anyone who seemed to him to be a threat, especially anyone within his kingdom. He had his own wife and three of his sons and many other subjects put to death. It is no wonder that he was troubled about the magi coming in search of the new King of the Jews. We have the example of the Magi today, who humbly travel great distances to see and worship the newborn King and offer Him gifts. It shows the great disparity in the two different approaches of the Magi and King Herod. King Herod in his pride is only interested in himself and getting rid of anyone who is a threat to his power; therefore, he has no room for the Savior of the world. The magi have sacrificed much and have humbled themselves in search of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and are able to encounter Jesus and to receive the fullness of His grace.