Mass Intentions

The Mass is the highest and most powerful prayer that we have and it is a true blessing and gift to have Mass offered for someone.

The Mass intentions are directly related to my ability to offer the Mass. I cannot take on more than 1 year of intentions. If I get more than a year of intentions I have to send the intention and the offering to another priest who has availability to offer the intention, which usually involves sending them to a mission priest.

If you would like to have an intention offered on a particular day, I would advise an email, phone call, or just give me a note so I can check on availability before you send the money in so that we know it is a possibility to have the Mass offered.

If you do not care where the Mass is offered, feel free to send in the intention because many of our mission priests are in need of intentions and the offering with the intention is also very helpful to them and their ministry.

Thank you again for recognizing the greatness of the Mass and please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any concerning the intentions or anything else.

God bless you all.