St. Joseph - Waverly

***check the bulletin for any mass time changes***

Mass Times Sunday
Adoration Wednesday 3:00pm - 11:30pm
Confession Wednesdays 5:30pm - 5:55pm

First Communicants

Congratulations to the Students receiving their 1st Holy Eucharist! Ameila Arb, Joseph Biggs, Heidi Foltz, Kaiser Fraenza, & Annabelle Lehmann 

Pastoral Council 4.5.18

Items of note from April Pastoral Council Meeting
  • Check the calendar for VBS and Totus Tuus
  • Four Parish Family Lake Day set for Sunday, August 26th
  • The church will be getting new siding!
  • Thank you to the Knights for cleaning up the landscape. 
  • Family Day at Prairie Star Ranch is Sunday, May 6th. 
  • If you have an opinion on Mass Times, let Father know your thoughts. 

Altar Society Dues

$20 dues can be given to Jennifer Stukey or put it in the collection envelope marked Altar Society dues. FYI - Church books go from July to June, so your dues will be paid up through June 2018.

All ladies of the parish are considered members.  Dues are $20/year which goes towards parish activities, CCD activities, items for church such as altar server robes, and cleaning items.  If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Biggs, President; Heidi Arb, Vice President; or Jennifer Stukey, Secretary/Treasurer.


April Hospitality

Williams, Stice, & Drumm


What is Hospitality?

Monthly Breakfast/Coffee & Donuts - every first Sunday hosted by a couple of parish families after the 8:30 a.m. Mass. Contact Terry Arb if interested. Volunteers are needed starting in October. 

St. Joseph/St. Patrick CCD & Registration

Classes are on Wednesday evenings for all students Pre-K-12th grade.      Registration

please arrive by 5:55pm
6:00pm Mass 
6:30pm Class

Classes will end between 6:50 and 7:15pm depending on class/age. 

pdf Photo Consent Form (59 KB)

2017-2018 St. Joseph CCD - Remaining Classes




4th - class
11th - class
18th - class
25th - class
First Communion - April 29th




2 - class/May Crowning

Church Cleaners for the month:

March Cleaners: Marie Drum, Catherine Williams

April Cleaners: Heidi Arb, Terry Arb

Thank you for your stewardship in action!

Mass Intentions Available

Mass Intentions are available at St. Joseph for both Wednesday as well as weekend Masses beginning in May.  Please contact the office if you would like a Mass intention added.  Thank you

History of St. Joseph Parish

Among the first settlers of Waverly were several Catholic families. In 1881 or 1882, Father Luke LaGierse, a Carmelite from Scipio, then Pastor of Emerald, made an effort to organize the scattered Catholic people around Waverly. He occasionally said Holy Mass for these families in the home of Michael Madden, located 3 and one-half miles northeast of town, and later in the home of John Carney in Waverly.

The first written record of the St. Joseph Parish began with the month of June 1886. Father Joseph Walsh of Scipio, and resident pastor of St. Patrick's Church in Emerald, took a lively interest in the Waverly Catholic fold and organized them solidly. There were about 20 families whose names we find on the first pages of the book of financial records: Dennis Brynes, John E. O'Neil, Cornelius O'Neil, Ma. Scholefer, Michael Schneider, Michael Dore, Sylvester Harndon, John Doyle, John Holohan J. Prodt, Daniel McManus, and Henry Doyster, Tom Gorsuch, William Hardy, Michael Madden, Edmund McCarthy, George Schlueter, Bush Harrington, Patrick McGrath, Michael McGrath, Jerry Egan, Dan Tompkins, and John Carney.

The first church was built in 1886 on land, donated by the McFaddens, a few blocks west of where the same church now stands. The cost of the new church was $1591.75 and a loan in the sum of $448 was needed to complete the building. The loan carried a 12% and interest rate and was paid off in 1896. From June 1887 to 1890 the Franciscan Fathers of Emporia were in charge of the St. Joseph Parish and Masses were held here only once a month for which they were paid $25 it is not clear how often they received the stipend.

Our parish was served as a mission of St. Francis Xavier, Burlington from 1890 to 1908. The first resident pastor of Waverly, Fr. John Haefele, was appointed in January of 1908. He also had the appointment of Homewood as a mission parish at this time. The property on Pearson Ave., where the church now stands, was purchased between 1909 and 1913. There was a home on the property that was used for the priest residence. The church was moved in October 1915 and a tower and bell were added and the house was made modern with electricity. A garage was added in 1921. The Center Valley rural school building was moved onto the property during the time Fr. Michael Morarity was pastor and it served as the parish hall until a new building was completed in 2009. The cost of the new building was $93,515.37 and was paid in full upon completion.

We celebrated 125 years as a parish in 2011. A crucifix, flanked with the statue of St. Joseph and a reflection bench, was added in our cemetery east of town. The priests who have served our parish our Fathers: Luke LaGierse, Joseph or John Walsh, Father Buechler, F.J. Herberichs, Robert Lehrer, J.H. Schulze, A.J. Domann, John A. Haefele, John Hurley, David C. Hall, M.J. McManus, Father Bathrow, Partlance, Karnowski, Malloy, Sylvester, William Landwher, Albert Wetharn, Harry Imhoff, John Walters, Charles Brink, Donald Goens, Michael Morarity, William Kaufman, George Klasinski, Jacob, Mauer, Lawrence Kelly, Leonard Moran, Norbert Lickteig, Joseph Dearborn, Earl Dekat, Ken Kelly, Francis Hund, Ken Kelly, Michael Hawkins, and Marianand Mendem.