Archbishop's Call to Share Campaign

Archbishop's Call to Share Campaign has started for the 2019 year. We ask that each family prayerfully consider what help they can give towards this campaign. your generous monetary support provides the continued basis for many of the Archbishop's Northeast Kansas church projects. If you are unable to donate, please mark your pledge card that you will continue to pray for the success of our church and all its endeavors. God bless you!

A Walk in Her Sandals Lenten Book Study for Ladies

A Walk in Her Sandals a Lenten Book Study for Ladies of all 4 Parishes will be held at St. Francis Xavier hall two different time options during Lent, Thursdays at 6:30pm starting on March 7 or Fridays during the lunch hour at 12:10pm beginning March 8. Please notify the office by Feb. 24 with the day you think you might want to attend so we can plan for books. Hope you can join us

March 16 - Lenten Day Retreat at St. Francis Xavier

A Lenten Day Retreat led by Fr. Vince Huber of The Apostles of the Interior Life, will be held Saturday, March 16 from 9am – 4pm at St. Francis Xavier hall. The day retreat will focus on our individual spiritual lives. Come refresh and reflect with the Lord as Lent begins! Lunch and snacks will be provided. Members of all 4 parishes or any other Catholic Church ages High School and older are invited to attend. Mark your calendar now and watch the bulletin for more details.

Home-bound Visits

Please notify the main office if you know of anyone that needs/or would like to be added to the nursing home or home-bound lists for any of our 4 parishes. Father has a schedule to visit with parishioners and we don’t want to leave anyone off the list that may need/want the Sacramental graces he can provide especially during the coming holiday months.

Anyone wishing to become a designated Home-bound Minister that can deliver communion, please contact the office or notify Father Quentin directly. Thank you. 

Anointing of the Sick

If you know you are being admitted to a hospital, please inform Fr. Quentin prior to hospitalization and ask for the sacrament of anointing of the sick. This is a sacramental opportunity for all Catholic patients no matter the age, not to be confused with Last Rites which are for those in danger of death. So, please contact Father, if you know you will be hospitalized in the near future, and request to receive this sacrament before hospitalization.

If you are admitted to the hospital in an emergency, you can ask for Father to come to the hospital, or in a larger area / hospital, ask for the Hospital Priest.

Also, if you know someone that is ill and home-bound but would still like to be anointed, this opportunity is also available. Please contact the office directly and we will schedule an appointment with Father Quentin.

May God bless you all! 

God Storehouse Items Needed

God’s Storehouse is extremely low on the following food items:

Mac & Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Soups, Canned meats, Tuna, Spaghetti & Sauce, Cereal, Green beans, Pancake mix, Toothbrushes & Paste, Toilet Paper and Dish soap.

If you can help, we thank you

Facebook Page for the 4 parishes

The 4 Parishes have a new Facebook Page that will contain all event announcements for the parishes as well as weather related information.  Go to the top right hand corner of the website home page and you will see a Facebook logo (blue circle F ) next to a little sheep (which is a FlockNote link)  Click on the 'F logo' and it will automatically link you to our Facebook page.  Once in Facebook, you can like and follow the page and receive all future updates.   

Winter Weather Update Reminder

During bad weather, we will notify you of our 4 parish Mass status by Flock Note, Facebook  and area News broadcasts.  Please check your flock note messages and watch local television stations for cancellations.  God’s blessings to all for safe travels during this wintertime.