Look East and see the Light - Christ Jesus

Our first reading today comes from the Book of Baruch. It is one of the shorter books of the Bible and it is worth taking the time to prayerfully read through. The book is written for an invitation and encouragement to a people in exile. It is an invitation for the people to repentance and it is an encouragement to them that God will deliver them out of exile. One of the versus describes Jerusalem looking to the east to see the gathering of her exiled children. In the previous chapter of the book of Baruch there is also a similar verse. 

“Look to the east, Jerusalem! Behold the joy that comes to you from God.” 

Both of these verses remind me of the Advent hymn People, Look East. There is repetition throughout the hymn inviting us to look east with excitement and joy. The final verse especially hits it home.

“People look East, and sing today: Love the Lord is on the way.

I believe it is a reminder to us each and every day when the sun comes up in the east that the light of Jesus Christ has entered our world. The reading from Baruch ends in a wonderful way.

“For God is leading Israel in joy by the light of his glory, with his mercy and justice for company.”

1st Week of Advent

We have now entered in to the season of Advent this weekend.

The season is characterized by expectant waiting in hope. We begin with a similar theme that we ended the year with. The realization that we are in the time between when Christ has ascended into heaven and when Christ will come the final time in all His glory at the end of time.

I believe that in our day and age waiting is extremely difficult. If we have a question or are wondering about something, we can ask a device we hold in our hand and get an immediate answer or multiple answers and explanations. If we are hungry, we have a microwave that can instantly heat up food. If we need something we just go to a store or go online and order it and in short order, we have received it. These are just a few examples.

The beauty of the Advent wreathe is in the use of candles. Yes, a candle gives light instantly when it has been lighted, but there is something about candles that makes time slow down. I encourage you to take some time before an advent wreathe this season to pray and wait in expectation for the celebration of Christmas. Let us not skip the season of Advent and go straight to Christmas. Instead let us learn from and experience in its fullness this season of expectant waiting in hope.

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe!

Today, we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe!

What a beautiful feast and a wonderful way to conclude the liturgical year.

Jesus Christ our King came to be a servant for us all. Let us learn from His example that to reign is to serve Him. Let us be especially attentive to ways we are called to serve the poor and the suffering.

When we serve one of the least, we are serving our Lord.

Finally, let us also reflect on the many blessings Jesus Christ our King has bestowed on us this year.

We must stand in wonder and awe of our King!

Thank you!

Thank you to all who have prayerfully considered a gift for the Archdiocesan Capital Campaign “One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ”.

May our efforts bear fruit and continue the growth of the Kingdom of God.

May God Bless you.

Capital Campaign

The capital campaign of the Archdiocese “ One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ “ is a great opportunity for us to live the call to be united in faith.

We are not either / or Church but a both / and Church. The beauty of the Catholic Church is that it is about the individual person with their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the collective group of believers as the body of Christ present in this world, united with our head Jesus Christ eternally one with the Father.

May this campaign be an opportunity for us to share what we have been given individually to help support the Church in our Archdiocese so that we can continue to share the Good News of the Gospel.